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Part D of Medicare provides coverage for prescription drugs. Part D plans are offered through private insurance carriers and the benefits can vary dramatically depending on the prescriptions you take. Plans are priced based on the level of benefits. Some plans have the maximum deductible allowed by government regulations and are relatively low cost. Conversely, other plans could have no deductible and cost considerably more. An important factor when comparing Part D plans is your prescription use. Each plan has its own specific prescription drug formulary as well as its own pharmacy network.

Because of these differences, it is very beneficial to have an experienced insurance agent  who can help explain the plan benefits and make sure your specific prescriptions would be covered.

It’s important to enroll in a Part D plan at the same time you enroll in Medicare. If you don’t, a late enrollment fee will be added to future premiums unless you have qualified prescription drug coverage through another source, such as your employer.

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