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Meet Our Team




After attending Brigham Young University, Mr. Carter entered the business community in 1978 as a branch manager in the banking industry in Provo, Utah. As a member of the management team, he was required to obtain a life and disability insurance license, since there was life insurance offered as an optional benefit to the loans. While closing a home mortgage loan with a young couple, the wife was leaning forward in her chair since she had burned her back the night before while using a suntan lamp. 3 weeks later, this wife died from Gangrene as a complication from this suntan event. Over the next 3 weeks, Mr. Carter witnessed the “magic” of life insurance as this surviving husband and 2 sons were able to keep their home and financial plans intact.


After three and a half years in the banking industry, Mr. Carter left banking for a full-time career in the insurance industry. He spent his first three years as an agent with New York Life. In 1984, Mr. Carter moved his company affiliation to Beneficial Life Insurance Company. During this time, he began to put his concentration into health insurance sales and service, eventually putting his full time into this area. He quickly realized that he was impacting more lives and insurance benefits in the health care arena. During this period of time, he was invited to sit on the Agent Advisory Boards of three insurance carriers, specifically assigned to help in the development of health insurance products. Volunteering on these boards gave Mr. Carter a vast knowledge of the actuarial structuring of health insurance products.


In 2014, Mr. Carter was approached by a friend from his Beneficial Life days to help design a Direct Primary Care (DPC-Dr) model for physicians to change their business practice to a more effective business model. Because of unique insurance laws and codes in Utah, the DPC model had to be restructured in order to make the model work more effectively, including a Direct Primary Care-Pharmacy plan (DPC-Rx). Mr. Carter and Carter Insurance Agency is now marketing these two innovative programs.


Mr. Carter lives in Saratoga Springs. He has 5 children and 21 grandchildren.



Shortly after graduating from high school in 2002, Stephanie entered the insurance industry as a member of Carter Insurance Agency as an office assistant. Later she became the office manager, with duties of overseeing all aspects of running an efficient insurance agency. In 2012, she became licensed as a licensed life and health insurance agent.


With the introduction of the new Direct Primary Care programs, Stephanie will be actively involved in assisting Mr. Carter with member enrollments, as well as working closely with our affiliate physicians and pharmacists.


Stephanie is married to Ryan. She has one son, as well as Ryan’s two married sons.

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