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DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC-Dr) is a national physician-led movement to eliminate the walls between the patient and their primary care physician. The DPC-Dr model seeks to place the physician and patient in a more rational and direct contract, eliminating unnecessary surprises. The DPC-Dr model only pertains to the primary care; Patients become engaged with physicians who have a vested interest to negotiate fair and manageable prices, often far less than their total annual deductible.

Physicians in a DPC-Dr model often opt-out of their contracts with most, if not all, their insurance carriers; By being out of their contracts, medical offices become free of regulations that hamper creativity and limit patient access to their doctors.

Furthermore, DPC-Dr physicians have the liberty to provide true value to their member patients by expanding services and transferring savings to their patients.

Membership gives patients access to a range of services within the practice. Membership is often inclusive of all services and procedures offered within a practice. Patients have access to discounted medications, can use secure messaging and video conferencing to communicate with their physician. Beyond a membership fee, patients have access to a negotiated and transparent fee schedule of auxiliary services such as CAT scans, X-rays and additional laboratories.

At Cottontree Family Practice you’ll experience quality Primary Care the way it should be; affordable, accessible, friendly, convenient, reliable, comprehensive, caring and compassionate.

“No better place to get you healthy again: 7 Days a Week, 363 Days a Year. 8 clinics along the Wasatch Front.”

Voyage Direct Primary Care offers direct, personal, easy access to your family doctor for one low monthly fee.

Alternative health plans & programs for families in Lehi, Riverton & Saratoga Springs. We are Utah's largest Direct Primary Care group.

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